Familiarize yourself with what mindfulness can do for YOU, and how it illuminates your path in life.

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I learned that I live totally in the past or future, and never take time to enjoy the present. Boy, have I been missing a lot! I thank this class for gently guiding me into that realization.
— Jan
This class lit up a space in my mind that I knew was already there, but didn’t know how to access. Practicing mindfulness is the key to manifesting that space.
— Sue
I found myself craving more after each class. I feel less anxious, more relief, and a kind of rest I have never experienced before. I confess that I have not felt this excited about my life, ever! 
— John
Living in pain 24/7 brought me down and I was very hard to live with, I know. Mindfulness let’s me explore my pain, which sounds crazy, but it is so much better than trying to pretend it isn’t there. It expands me, like I never have known. I tell others in pain, that Mindfulness is a tool they really need.
— Brian