All Mindfulness classes and workshops are taught by Christine Katzenmeyer who is a qualified instructor from the University of Massachusetts Medical School/Center for Mindfulness.


Christine is a nationally recognized gerontologist with specialty in Mindfulness, falls prevention, and networking clinical/community resources for older adults to relieve suffering from chronic disease. Christine has spent 35 years working in clinical rehabilitation and community programming for older adults. In her work with older adults she has found that mindfulness practice has been a big help to persons with depression, anxiety, pain, and chronic disease. Her experience with treating chronic conditions is well documented and established.

"Through my own experience of instructing Mindfulness for persons with chronic disease as well as the flood of recent research on the subject, I can guarantee any person with a chronic condition who incorporates a Mindfulness practice will reap benefit!". Christine works with all ages primarily in group settings and does treat in individual sessions upon request.

She encourages students in her instruction that mindfulness practice is needed in our lives in order to "fully" inhabit the moments in life that we have. "If we do not fully inhabit our moments, we ask ourselves later in life, what did we really do with our life, and where did it go?" says Christine.

Christine is also an adjunct faculty at Metropolitan State University in Health Professions, teaches Mindfulness classes at the Lutheran Spine Center and Bridges Wellness Program and is the Founder of The Consortium for Older Adult Wellness, a nationally recognized non profit organization dedicated to training professionals in chronic disease self management for older clients. Christine founded the Academy for Older Adult Wellness, dedicated to training and certifying professionals in evidence based self management resources. She is a top award winner of the Denver Business Journal's, Health Innovator of the Year, and directs the international Legacy Labyrinth Project (

Christine did her graduate and post graduate work at the University of Northern Colorado, University of Massachusetts Medical School, and Naropa University.

She is a professional with vision. Christine sees that Mindfulness will soon be a resource for both clinical and community treatment with powerful effectiveness for those who suffer.